Module Markaby

  1. lib/markaby/builder_tags.rb
  2. lib/markaby/builder.rb
  3. lib/markaby/cssproxy.rb
  4. lib/markaby/rails/current.rb
  5. lib/markaby/rails/deprecated.rb
  6. lib/markaby/rails/rails_builder.rb
  7. lib/markaby/rails.rb
  8. lib/markaby/tags.rb
  9. lib/markaby/tilt.rb
  10. lib/markaby.rb
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Markaby is a module containing all of the great Markaby classes that do such an excellent job.

  • Markaby::Builder: the class for actually calling the Ruby methods which write the HTML.
  • Markaby::CSSProxy: a class which adds element classes and IDs to elements when used within Markaby::Builder.
  • Markaby::MetAid: metaprogramming helper methods.
  • Markaby::Tags: lists the roles of various XHTML tags to help Builder use these tags as they are intended.
  • Markaby::Template: a class for hooking Markaby into Rails as a proper templating language.


RUBY_VERSION_ID = RUBY_VERSION.split(".").join.to_i
FORM_TAGS = [ :form, :input, :select, :textarea ]
SELF_CLOSING_TAGS = [ :base, :meta, :link, :hr, :br, :param, :img, :area, :input, :col, :frame ]
AttrCore = [:id, :class, :style, :title]   Common sets of attributes.
AttrI18n = [:lang, 'xml:lang'.intern, :dir]
AttrEvents = [:onclick, :ondblclick, :onmousedown, :onmouseup, :onmouseover, :onmousemove, :onmouseout, :onkeypress, :onkeydown, :onkeyup]
AttrFocus = [:accesskey, :tabindex, :onfocus, :onblur]
AttrHAlign = [:align, :char, :charoff]
AttrVAlign = [:valign]
Attrs = AttrCore + AttrI18n + AttrEvents